Council of Fennas Drúnin

Council of Fennas Drúnin
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Council of Fennas Drúnin


Council of Fennas Drúnin is a pre-cast game. For details of the game itself, please see the Home Page. Ideally, to be cast, you should have read the Players Guide, which will have been sent to you. Alternatively, read the background material, which can be found on the game pages and the list of Who's Who in Fennas Drúnin.

This page contains information about casting and the casting process, and links to the casting form itself. Please read this page before filling out the casting form. You can find links to the casting form in the last section of this page.

Finally, if you haven't signed up for the convention or for the game, please do so before you fill out the casting form.

Filling Out the Form

Please take the time to fill out the form. Although I have successfully cast people who say "I'll take whichever character you like", more often than not, I've given them a character that they didn't like.

Since all the characters are known in Fennas Drúnin and there are no "secret" characters, casting will be by choosing the characters you want to play, are prepared to play or definitely don't want to play. However, since each character does have some secrets, or might not be all they seem, I have also added a list of "personality traits" that you would or wouldn't like your character to have. It would help me greatly in casting if you could fill these details in too, but please note that I will only use these as a guide and I can't guarantee a perfect match.


When filling out the casting form, please try to give me some scope. Don't, for example, choose one character as the one you want to play and all the rest as ones you definitely don't want to play. That way will only lead to disappointment.

Secondly, don't be put off by the gender of the characters. There's no good reason why the characters can't be of either gender and all characters will be the same gender as the player who is cast to play that charcater. The only reason they're the genders that they are is because of who got to play them in the last run of the game. So, if a character is listed as male and you're female, if you are cast as that character, the character will be female in this run of the game.

Finally, a note about Council members and non-members. Only Council members have the right to speak at Council. Other people can only speak when called to by the Mayor or a majority of the Council. If you choose to play a non-member, you may have to spend a lot of time watching things unfold, unable to act or speak until a Council recess or if called upon by the Council. I appreciate that this may be frustrating, so if you're the sort of player who likes to be in the thick of things all the time, don't choose a non-Council member. However, the non-members are not second-class characters; they are vital to the game and often have vital information. They are, of course, free to talk amongst themselves and to heckle!

It would help me greatly in casting if you could fill as much of the casting form as possible. I can't stress this strongly enough. Even if you only fill in one or two of the boxes, it will be a great help. Please note, however, that I will only use the information as a guide and I can't guarantee a perfect match.

Please note that since I will only be using the information on the form as a guide, you may still get a character with a trait that you have said you don't want. For example, if you select ten different traits that you want your character to have and these all match with the Ostomir the Mayor, but the Mayor also has one trait that you've said don't want, this is still an excellent match. This means that there's every chance that I will cast you as the Mayor, despite him having the trait you said you didn't want, simply because he matches so well in all other respects. Therefore, if you absolutely don't want a particular trait, you must tell me in the box at the bottom of the casting form.

The Casting Form

Please fill in the on-line casting form which automatically e-mails me all the information I require in the correct format. If you cannot fill in the form, please e-mail me and I will provide you with an alternative method.

Please note: in order to be cast, you need to have already registered to play the game. For details on where the game is being run and how to register, please follow this link.

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