The Council of Fennas Drúnin

Council of Fennas Drúnin
Casting Form

The Council of Fennas Drúnin

Please fill in the form and click on SUBMIT at the end to mail it to me. If you want to change anything, RESET will wipe everything and you can start again. Before filling out this form, please ensure that you have read the casting page.

Please note that since the game is not currently scheduled to run, the casting form has been disabled.

Your Details

Name     : 
Gender   : 

Telephone: E-mail :

How would you prefer your character information be sent to you? Please note that unless you have an extremely good reason to select plain text, I would prefer you to select one of the other formats, which all preserve formatting.

Previous Experience - roughly how many others games of this sort have you played in?

Where are you playing the game?

Note that the following questions about age are just to give me a better idea of how to cast you and to avoid casting 50 year olds as teenagers, etc. It will not necessarily limit your choice of character since I am happy to re-write characters' ages to fit the player if their age is not essential to their plot.
What age range are you happy to play: 
How old are you                     : 

Who would you like to play

What characters would you like to play? Please enter a "Y" if you would like to play the character and a "N" if you really don't want to play the character. Note that in all cases the character's gender will be changed to match your own. It will be assumed that you don't mind playing any of the characters that you don't mark.

Council Members

Ostomir, the Mayor        : 
Aradil, the Tanner        : 
Faramor, the Wool Merchant: 
Beradan, the Hide Merchant: 
Amoriel, the Seamstress   : 
Echor, the Builder        : 
Rannor, the Butcher       : 
Hanna, the Leather Worker : 
Darbeth, the Cobbler      : 
Nerys, the Boat Builder   : 


Haldir, son of Haladan, the Blacksmith: 
Arrand, the Hide Merchant             : 
Anvelig, the Caravan Master           : 
Coerba, the Bargeman                  : 
Yasmin, the Foreigner                 : 
Kara, Lieutenant of Forak's Violators : 

Character Traits

Please select the following character traits that you would or wouldn't like your character to have. The marking scheme is as before, enter a "Y" if you would like that trait and an "N" if you really don't want that trait. Note you can be as contradictory as you like (ie you can pick both timid and bold, though obviously you won't get both!). It will be assumed that you don't mind having any of the traits that you don't mark.
1. Important and influential                        : 
2. Always active and involved                       : 
3. Self important                                   : 
4. Modest                                           : 

5. Interested in truth and justice                  : 
6. Interested in furthering own ends above all else : 
7. Well meaning, but led astray                     : 
8. Down right nasty, nasty, nasty                   : 

9. Bold                                             : 
10. Timid                                           : 
11. Desires to rule/increase power                  : 
12. Has no desire to rule/increase power            : 

13. Has strong opinions                             : 
14. Easily swayed by others                         : 
15. Has a romantic interest                         : 
16. Is not what they seem/has something to hide     : 


Please select the type of goals that you would like your character to have.

Taking the Stand

A number of characters in the game have vital information and are highly likely to be called as witnesses by the Council, requiring the character to give evidence to the Council. It is very important that if you are playing one of these characters, that you are prepared beforehand, which means having read your character sheet and being able to confidently give the Council the version of events you want them to hear without having to constantly refer to your character sheet.

Are you prepared to play a character who is likely to take the stand?

Final details

Is there anything else you'd like to tell me that would help me in casting? A short sketch of your favourite/perfect character or what roles you like/dislike would help... Also, if there is anything/anyone that you absolutely don't want to play, then now's the time to say. Finally, this is place to tell me if there's anyone you don't want to be cast with/against.

Please note that the box is space limited. If, like me, you write reams of stuff, and a scroll bar appears on the right hand side of the box, you will break the form. Please don't let that stop you if you have more to write: just send me the additional details by e-mail.

Please note that the casting form is currently disabled.

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