Council of Fennas Drúnin

Council of Fennas Drúnin
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Council of Fennas Drúnin


This page introduces the game and gives details about its setting. Everything on this website (the full game background and rules that you need to play) will be provided prior to the game by e-mail as a booklet in pdf format (the Player's Guide), along with your character sheet. They will also be provided in printed form at the game itself.

The Game

Since the entire action takes place in the Council Chamber, which is situated in the Town Keep, there are NO MECHANICS. The game consists primarily of debating the issue before the Council. The Council Session will be run by the Mayor (a player-character), but if you need any clarification of facts or events, please see a Referee, who will be playing Hallas, the Sergeant of the Town Guard, and Balchor, the Scribe.

The game starts at the opening of the Council Session and will effectively end when the Council Session is closed (although there may be a little time allowed to clearing up any consequences).

During the Council Sessions, game time will pass as real time, so if it takes an hour to debate something (real time), then it takes an hour in Fennas Drúnin too (game time). However, during a Recess, time will pass flexibly. Recesses can be called by the Mayor or by a majority of the Council for a fixed length of game time. A Recess allow characters a chance to talk with non-members and do things, such as send messages or summon witnesses. There should be plenty of recesses during the game.

Note that until the Council Session is declared closed (ie the end of the game), no member of the Council may leave the Keep. Please see a Referee if you have any questions about this during the game. For further details regarding how the Council is run, please click here.

One final note. This is not a combat-based game and it's not a detective game where you find the facts and uncover the truth. It is principally a game of politics and debate, where the truth is what you perceive it to be. If you are expecting to play CSI Fennas Drúnin, this game is not for you. Similarly, if you are expecting to uncover a killer fact which will prove what has been going on, you will be disappointed. It is worth repeating that the truth is what you perceive it to be (and, in the final analysis, what the Council declares it to be).

The Background

The main background details can be found on the following pages. Note that all of this material is in the Player's Guide so please don't feel obliged to trawl through all of the individual pages.
  • History of Middle-earth
    • a brief summary of the history of Middle-earth
  • Fennas Drúnin
    • the town of Fennas Drúnin, its history and surroundings
  • The Council
    • the politics of the Council and how meetings are run
  • Synopsis
    • a synopsis of recent events in the run-up to the Council meeting
  • Who's Who
    • a list of who's who on the Council and in the town of Fennas Drúnin

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