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What's it all about?

Hi! My name's Brian and this is my website. If you're just surfing past or if you've come from another part of the site and are wondering what it's all about, then this is the place for you.

The site supports two of my main hobbies, Freeform Roleplaying Games and Writing. I use the site to provide information about my games (including details on where they are being run and how to play in them) and to provide a showcase for my writing. The site is organised in the following main areas:


Freeform roleplaying


The prime motivation in getting this site up and running was to provide information on my freeform roleplaying games (for a description of what I think a freeform is, follow this link). It still remains one of the prime purposes of this site and over the years, I've found the web to be the best way of disseminating information about my games, both here and in the USA.

There are six games currently on the site. These are:

  • House on the Hill, two games in one, both set in the same hotel, one in the modern day and the other in the 1920s. Dr Who meets Resevoir Dogs meets HP Lovecraft!
  • Intrigue in the Clouds, set on an airship travelling across the Atlantic in 1886, Intrigue mixes the Occult with mystery, love and danger on a GothicPulp airship (written by Dean and Dana Edgell).
  • Under Angmar's Shadow, a game of politics set in Middle-earth. The Witch-king's agents are everywhere and the fate of a kingdom hangs in the balance. The game was previously know as "The Cardolani Succession".
  • The Man in Black, a game of intrigue, set in an imaginary far-future universe. Can you discover who the infamous Man in Black is before he carries out his next hit?
  • Council of Fennas Drúnin, another political game set in Middle-earth. The Council of Fennas Drúnin has met to discuss the theft of the Mayor's Chain by the Foreigner, Yasmin.
  • Nepenthe, an interesting game set at a panel discussion at a roleplaying convention. Just who are those strange people in the audience? (written by Bruce Glassco).

For each game, I have included details on where and when it is being run, a history of the game and how it came to be, background information for those wanting to play the game and an on-line casting form. For more information on each of the games, please follow the links above, or click here for the general freeforms page.




My writing grew out of my roleplaying activities and is an alternative outlet for my creative activities. Being a naturally verbose person, I tend to write long things. So far, I've chalked up one completed novel and am a long way through my second, although real-life has somewhat stalled my progress.

I also occasionally try my hand at short stories, which (for me anyway) is much harder than novel writing, but has the advantage that it doesn't take several years to finish one! You can find several of my short stories on this site, so if you want to read them, or just read about my novels, check out the writing section.

What's New

What's New?

What's New

This section acts as a history of the site as well as providing any latest news on additions to the site, etc. The site first saw the light of day in May 1999, when I launched it to support my first game, Council of Fennas Drúnin. It then grew considerably as I added new games and new sections, but over time I have realised that I am not very good at keeping it up-to-date. As a result, I have now shrunk the site to its present incarnation, which is back to the original two sections, Freeform Roleplaying Games and Writing.

This overhaul was triggered by a change of host, from Claranet to Purple Cloud. You may have originally found this site at www.nnbtv.dircon.co.uk, but after some truly appalling customer service from Claranet (who own Dircon), I got my own domain and moved the site to www.nnbtv.org.uk, where it is currently being hosted by the wonderful Purple Cloud.


I hope you like this site. I'm always happy to receive feedback, even if I don't always get back to people as quickly as I should.

Anyway, have fun.



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