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The Man in Black

The Man in Black

The Game

The first thing to say about The Man in Black is that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the film "Men In Black", any other fictional men in black or the Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash. I can't claim the game predates Johnny Cash, but it does predate the film by about seven years, having first seen the light of day in mid-1991 in Edinburgh. It is set in a science-fiction universe which is entirely the product of my own warped imagination, although I can't say that it's particularly original.

The game takes place in a bar called The Man in Black, reputedly named after the galaxy's most (in)famous assassin, The Man in Black. Located in a backwater system, which goes by the name of Jericho, The Man in Black is a quiet, out of the way place where nothing much ever happens, which is just how the locals like it. Unfortunately, word has it that The Man in Black himself is coming to the bar to carry out a hit. Now, much to the locals' disatisfaction, the place is full of strangers, all of whom seem to have some interest in The Man in Black and the forthcoming evening's events.

The Man in Black runs for about 4 hours and takes place within the confines of the bar. It runs for a maximum of 40 players, with characters ranging from Locals, through Man in Black Groupies, to a whole host of roving reporters, secret agents and corporate spies. Just who has The Man in Black come to kill and will he succeed?

The History

The Man in Black had its first run at Edinburgh in 1991 and was revived and re-written for Convulsion in July 2000 in Leicester, UK, where it went down very well. It crossed the Atlantic to appear at Intercon A in March 2001 and made the trip a second time to Chicago in September 2003. It had its last outing at the first-ever Consequences in November 2007.

After that last run the game has again been revamped and now it's back! It's running at Intercon M in the US in March 2013, which will be its first appearance Stateside in 10 years!

If you are interested in the game, feel free to browse the background pages. If you'd like to know more about its history, how it came to be and previous runs of the game, please click here.

Where it's Running

There are no current plans to run The Man in Black.

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