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The Man in Black
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The Man in Black

Who is The Man in Black? That is the question on everyone's lips, wherever they are in the vast reaches of the UFG. Even though he's never mentioned in the official media, everyone has heard something of The Man in Black, although few know the full extent of his activities.

However, the man is a legend. Rumours about The Man in Black have been going on for about 10 years now, during which time he has carried out about 15 assasinations if the stories are to be believed. Most people have a theory as to who The Man in Black is. Some say he is actually working for the Federation, which is why he's never been caught. They argue that he works to a political agenda, removing people that the Federation want out of the way, but can't officially touch. At the other end of the scale, there are those who say he is an Angel of the Lord, sent to root out corruption and slay the unjust. How else could he act with such impunity?

The only thing for certain is that no-one knows who The Man in Black is. He carries out extremely public hits and has never been known to kill without an audience. He also never been known to fail: no matter how good the security, The Man in Black always gets through. He will mysteriously appear, dressed all in black with a big, black hat and gun in hand, shooting his victim before anyone can react. Then he just melts away into the shadows, all in a matter of seconds. His trademark hit is his calling card, nothing more.

Even contacting The Man in Black is shrouded in mystery. Word has it that all you have to do is let it be known that you want a hit carried out. Sooner or later, if he's interested, The Man in Black will make contact with you and terms will be agreed. Be warned, though, The Man in Black is very, very particular about his hits. Most inquiries are simply met with silence and nothing more.

Now, rumour has it, someone in the Jericho system has let it be known that they require The Man in Black's services. Those "in the know" tap their noses knowingly, but refuse to say anything. The rumour has been around for a couple of months and is clearly being taken seriously. The Man in Black (the bar) has started to fill up with all sorts of strange people over the last few days, not least the Man in Black Groupies, who have been at every one of his hits for the last five years.

Now the word is out. If the hit is going to happen, it's going to happen tonight, and it's going to be in The Man in Black...

The Man in Black Groupies

The Man in Black Groupies are an informal grouping of rich young things with nothing better to do than wander around the galaxy in their space yachts. They spend their time listening for rumours of The Man in Black's next hit and then descend en-mass to catch the great man in action. Not that all the Groupies are rich, but it takes a certain amount of financial independence to wander the galaxy, rushing to far-off systems at the drop of a hat. There are a few hangers-on, who beg rides with the main Groupies, but mostly it's a rich man (or woman's) game and owning a spaceship is pretty much a pre-requisite.

Recent Hits

Spend five minutes with any Groupie and before you know it, you'll have chapter and verse on all the assassinations that they've attended. Here's a list of the last few years' events.

278-652 : Titan system - Sarah Hammer

Secretary for the Mining Operations Division of White Sands based in Titan. Assassinated in a board meeting, supposedly as an example to others, for she was rumoured to be a spy for another corporation. Not one for the true fan, since it was behind closed doors.

101-653 : Saviour system - Alison Roper

Head of the Administration of Saviour II. Shot while making a public address. A popular administrator which caused something of a scandal. Major press cover-up. Not well advertised.

193-654 : Ezekiel system - Conrad Josephs

Local business man, reasons for assassination unclear, but probably had something to do with local business rivalry. Shot in full view at a party. One of the best hits in years.

067-655 : Joshua system - Arnold Barton

Head of the First National Bank, shot in a share holders' meeting. Reasons unknown.

267-655 : Ferren system - Adolf Bruss

Popular TV chat show personality, shot in the studio during a live broadcast of the show. However, since the show was blacked out just before the hit, most people think that he was killed by the TV company for some reason. Most of the dedicated Groupies were in the audience for this, second only to the Conrad Josephs hit in quality.

317-655 : Daniel system - False Alarm

082-656 : Jeremiah system - False Alarm

128-656 : Ephesis system - False Alarm

278-656 : Jericho system - ?

Probably not much of a crowd for this one, since the Jericho system is the back end of nowhere and there wasn't too much warning.

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