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The Clockwork Café is a pre-cast game. For details of the game itself, please see the Game Page. If you are new to my games, it is probably worth reading about what you can expect from one of my games and what is expected of you as a player before you fill out the Casting Form.

This page contains information about casting and the casting process, and links to the Casting Form itself. Please read this page before filling out the Casting Form. Even if you have filled out my Casting Forms before please read it because I have changed things!

I have added an "X" option to each question, which means that you don't want to play that character/trait/whatever. So, enter a "Y" if you would like to play the character/have the trait/whatever and a "N" if you don't want to play the character/have the trait/whatever. It will be assumed that you don't mind either way if you leave the box blank. If you absolutely do not want to play a specific character type, have a specific trait, etc, please put an "X" in the box. You will then not be cast as a character with that type/trait/whatever, no matter how good the match is elsewhere in the casting process. Please use the "X" VERY SPARINGLY: if you use more than one or two "X"s, you might find your choice of characters extremely limited!

Finally, if you haven't signed up for the convention or for the game, please do so before you fill out the Casting Form.

You can find links to the Casting Form in the last section of this page.

Filling Out the Form

Please take the time to fill out the form. Although I have successfully cast people who say "I'll take whichever character you give me", this is rare. Unfortunately, more often than not I've given them a character that they didn't like. The more information you give me, the better chance I have of casting you in a role you will enjoy.

There are six parts to the Casting Form. The first is factual information, who you (the player) are and so on. The second concerns character types within the game (Agents, Inventors, Revolutionaries, etc); the third, nationalities; the fourth, specific information; the fifth, individual character traits; while the sixth section gives you the chance to tell me anything else you think I need to know in order to cast you.

Character Types

This Section of the Casting Form gives you the chance to choose the type of character you want to play. The different types are:
  • Agent: there are five Agents in the game, one for each of the Great Powers. They all have lives/jobs outside of their official duties as Agents (since anyone mercenary enough to want money in order to have the honour of serving their country is automatically suspect!)
  • Adventurer: the adventurers are masked vigilantes or other mavericks such as the American archeologist, Dr Illinois Smith
  • Revolutionary/Anarchist: one of the various groups attempting to overthrow the established order
  • Religious Fanatic: one of the various groups attempting to overthrow the established order, but with God on their side!
  • Criminal: those who make a living out of crime (and usually don't want to overthrow the established order)
  • Private Investigator: those who solve crimes for money (or write about it)
  • Inventor/Engineer: inventors and engineers invent and make things. They are also remarkably good at getting into adventures (usually unintentionally)!
  • Others: anyone who does not fit into the above categories

Note, however, that choosing a particular character type does not guarantee getting a character of that type. As with all aspects of the Casting Form, I use your choices as guidance looking at all your answers to find the best character for you.


The game has characters of a number of nationalities. While outrageous accents are in keeping with the style of the game, they are not required and they should not put you off playing a particular character. However, if there are nationalities you would particularly like to play or not play, please fill in this Section of the Casting Form.

Specific Requirements

There are a few characters with very specific requirements (eg Richard Blanc, Dr Anarchy, The Squirrel) and so I am asking specific questions about these characters. This is only Section of the Casting Form where you can use the "X" with impunity!

Character Traits

The Character Traits section is designed to give me some idea of the type of character you would like to play. It covers both personal motivations (eg loyal, treacherous, etc) and your position in the game (eg leader, follower, etc).

Character Gender

Note that where characters have been mentioned (eg in the Player's Guide) the character's gender is that of the previous run. In all cases the character's gender will be changed to match your own if you are chosen to play that character.

General Guidance

When filling out the Casting Form, please try to give me some scope. Don't, for example, choose one character type as the one you want to play and all the rest as ones you definitely don't want to play. That way will only lead to disappointment. It would help me greatly in casting if you could fill as much of the Casting Form as possible. I can't stress this strongly enough. Even if you only fill in one or two of the boxes, it will be a great help. Please note that putting a "Y" in all the boxes does not count as filling the form out; this is in fact as bad as just leaving the form completely blank!

Please note that since I will only be using the information on the form as a guide, you may still get a character with a trait that you have said you don't want. For example, if you select ten different traits that you want your character to have and these all match with the German Agent, The Iron Fist, but the Agent also has one trait that you've said don't want, this is still an excellent match. This means that there's every chance that I will cast you as the Agent, despite there being one trait you said you didn't want, simply because the character matches so well in all other respects. Therefore, if you absolutely don't want a particular trait, you must enter an "X" for that trait.

The Casting Form

So, on to the Casting Form itself. Please fill in the on-line Casting Form. If you are having any problems with the form, please e-mail and I'll see what we can do.

Please note: in order to be cast, you need to have already registered to play the game. For details on where the game is being run and how to register, please follow this link.

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